Salt Lake Valley, Utah, mountains and sky

Hello, I'm Sean McKenna.

While pursuing a Ph.D. in Visualization with Dr. Miriah Meyer, I investigate the use and creation of visualization prototypes across various domains through a user-centered design process.


design of the bubble-net dashboard for cyber security data

bubble-net dashboard

cyber security personas and data sketches

design methods for cyber security

design activity framework for visualization design

design activity framework

cybersecurity network security redesign project

redesign of a cybersecurity tool

s-CorrPlot scatterplot for visualization and exploring correlation in multidimensional space

s-CorrPlot: visualizing correlation

STAR cybersecurity dashboard

cybersecurity dashboard

compariSeq sequence logos visualization

compariSeq: rethinking sequence logos


I thoroughly enjoy contributing to and releasing open-source software.
Check out my releases below, or follow me on GitHub.

code examples various programming languages

samples of programming languages

ray tracer final render Utah teapot suicide, titled 'One Fateful Night'

ray tracer in C++

core rules of netiquette: how to behave online

netiquette: how to behave online

GLSL shader for modeling finished wood, implemented from the original paper by Marschner et al.

shader for modeling finished wood

set-o-gram, reimplemented in Processing from original paper by Freiler et al.

set-o-gram: visualization of sets